Welcome to the Brave of Heart Fund

The Brave of Heart Fund provides charitable monetary grants to eligible family members of frontline healthcare workers, healthcare volunteers and healthcare support staff who have lost their lives because of COVID-19. The Fund also offers behavioral and emotional support services to help families navigate the feelings associated with grief.

Established by the Foundations of New York Life and Cigna, the Brave of Heart Fund is administered by E4E Relief, a disaster relief–focused subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Grants Description

There are two phases of grants available. Eligible expenses vary based upon which grant phase the eligible family member is applying.

You may be eligible for both a Phase 1 and Phase 2 grant.

Phase 1 Grant:

  • Phase 1 assistance is intended to cover funeral/burial, transportation for funeral/burial, rent/mortgage, food, and clothing expenses for surviving family members.
  • The family member who is eligible for a Phase 1 grant is the family member who is responsible for the funeral/burial expenses.
  • Phase 1 grants are $15,000. Only one Phase 1 grant is available in connection with each eligible healthcare worker or healthcare volunteer.
  • Eligible family members for a Phase 1 grant are spouses and domestic partners, parents, grandparents, siblings and children. Only one family member is eligible for a Phase 1 grant.

Phase 2 Grant:

  • Phase 2 assistance is intended to cover long-term expenses such as food, clothing, housing, basic essential utilities, daycare/ childcare expenses, educational expenses, counseling, medical expenses for deceased healthcare worker, and transportation.
  • The family member(s) who is eligible for a Phase 2 grant is the family member(s) who was dependent on the deceased healthcare worker’s income for those expenses.
  • Phase 2 grants range up to $60,000 per eligible healthcare worker. The exact amount will depend on a variety of factors including the applicant’s demonstration of financial need and the number of eligible beneficiaries.
  • Eligible family members for a Phase 2 grant are spouses and domestic partners, dependent parents, and dependent children. More than one family member may be eligible for a Phase 2 grant.

For answers to frequently asked questions, including questions about eligibility, visit braveofheartfund.com/FAQs. Grant awards are discretionary, and the final determination of grant eligibility and amounts will be made by E4E Relief, which is the public charity that owns and administers the Fund.

Verification of Eligibility

If you are visiting this page with the intention of applying for a Brave of Heart Fund Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 grant, please first visit https://braveofheartfund.smapply.io/ to verify your eligibility for the Brave of Heart Fund. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive a notification email from the Brave of Heart Fund that includes a unique BOH identification number. Every person applying for a grant must first verify their eligibility.