Phase 1 Grant Assistance

Together, the New York Life and Cigna Foundations established the Brave of Heart Fund, dedicated to providing healthcare workers and their families with peace of mind. The Fund is designed to provide financial support in the form of charitable relief grants to support the families of healthcare workers who lose their lives to COVID-19.

In addition, Cigna behavioral health advocates will provide emotional support and services to surviving family members.

If you have lost a family member who is a healthcare worker to COVID-19 and have completed the verification step with New York Life, please proceed to login and complete an application for Phase 1 assistance. 

Phase 1 assistance from the Brave of Heart Fund is intended to cover funeral/burial, transportation for funeral/burial, rent/mortgage, food, and clothing expenses for surviving family members.

Documentation will be required for Phase 1 assistance and includes:

  • Funeral/Burial invoice (showing that the applicant is financially responsible for the expenses)
  • Travel requests or receipts – plane ticket, gas/mileage, hotel invoice, etc.
  • Rental agreement or mortgage statement

Phase 2 Grant Assistance

Phase 2 assistance from the Brave of Heart Fund is intended to cover more long term expenses such as food, clothing, housing, basic essential utilities, daycare/childcare expenses, educational expenses, counseling, medical expenses for deceased healthcare worker, and transportation 

Documentation will be required for Phase 2 assistance and includes:

  • Most recent statements/invoices for monthly expenses that you are seeking assistance with
  • Most recent filed tax returns/pay stubs
  • Medical bills for the deceased healthcare worker/healthcare volunteer
  • Tuition statements

How to Apply

Before completing the following steps to apply for financial assistance, please make sure that you have registered to receive your unique verification code, which determines your eligibility to apply for assistance, from New York Life.  If you have not completed this step, please visit here to register to receive your unique verification code.

Step 1: Click the “Start New Application” button below - Create an online account or log in (if you have already created an account) to access the application page, complete the application with the requested information and your unique verification code provided to you by New York Life.

Step 2: Submit your application - Complete the requested information and upload the required supporting document and submit for review.

Step 3: Breathe easier – We will review your application for assistance and contact you if more information is required.